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Located along the Cedrino river valley, Orosei boasts a remarkable variety of landscapes: the calcareous Mount Tuttavista, the basaltic hills, and the granite formations of the locality of Sos Alinos


The heart of the historic centre is made up of the two main squares, piazza del Popolo and piazza Sas Animas, from which numerous picturesque alleys branch off and lead to the major architectural structures: the church of the patron saint S. Giacomo, the church of the Rosary, the Church of souls and the tower, the old prison, and the “Don Giovanni Guiso” museum. In the centre of the village is the square of the church of S. Antonio Abate with the tower.Orosei is part of the Municipalities of the Cedrino Valley together with Galtellì, Irgoli, Loculi, and Onifai, in which it is possible to admire the rich heritage of Sardinian culture (the Literary Park of the Nobel prize winner for literature Grazia Deledda, the murals, and the archaeological sites).

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There are countless beaches of enchanting beauty. The beaches extend across some 20 km of coastline, from the naturalistic oasis of Bidderosa, with its 500 hectares of protected greenery and five coves with crystal clear water, up to the beach of Osalla, on the other side of the municipality.

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